Monday, August 2, 2010

UCFF0907 Buffet dinner

31 July 2010, today there will be a dinner for the UCFF0907.In the beginning, there would be prom night but due to some problem so it had been change to buffet dinner and start at 6.30pm.

In the morning i have a class from 8.30am- 10.30am, then no choice but to go.....haiz...beside stay at home also nothing to do :). During that class almost can say 50% day dreaming V(^_^)V my style XD.....later finally class end and i feel like don't wanna go home since the event start at 6.30pm, if i go home only rest for 1-2 hour then have to go out again. So i see can go naruto house to kill time or not.

CA_Kazuma: ei naruto can go your house?
NarutoCCH: cannot i have to gai gai with my friend.
CA_Kazuma: aw sad T_T

Then found out Kong, Lim, Crank interested in joining me go TS. So after class we all go TS and kill time(during at TS and SG, happen lot of thing that make our no.11 bus feel so tired) just skip it if not that will be a long story.

Finally after TS and SG, we manage to go for the dinner at Hotel Sri Petaling. Alright photo time~ ^^

(This pic not the same as the above, in this pic i taking the flower...the above is taking those two guys)
(OH~ my psp so pity, crank play it non -stop until no more battery)

(haiz no choice, naruto like to take picture)

(During the holiday, naruto will sell steambot...see he run his business very well...XD)

(UCTI/APIIT gathering dinner)

When the Garfield cat came, he ask
Garfield cat: eh? 不是三十多个人来吗?
NarutoCCH: 是啊!我是三十。他是多个人。
=.= hu~ nice one d(^_^d)
That all for today, thank for visit^^ sayounara~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Complete my foundation + having event

29 july 2010, whoa so long didn't write blog is the last day of my exam and even foundation...don't know should sad or happy

Yesterday after my CIT exam finish, i straight away back home and study for my coming exam for today that is PT exam, this last exam i sacrified a lot(T_T) i make note until 10-11pm then go sleep cause too tired, then set alarm and wake up at 3am and start reading my note, cause this subject my mind totally blank=0% so~ no choice but to gambateh if not i can't forgive myself and have to resit=(waste time waste money). Lucky teacher give the "ahem" to my friends and my friends share it with me( thank to my friends who share with me), so i focus on that only due to limited time, if study all!?! i will sure mati tong kiao

Today i read from 3am until 9am then get ready to the lovely sleeping place that is the exam hall^^ then continue to study with my friends. Then finally 11am, we start exam.....i go in and choose a place to sit, then i realise don't know who write "f*ck exam" on the table~ XD....later i open and see the exam question and 1 word come to my mind----> OMG!!
Unknown person: What happen? what happen?
CA_Kazuma: Lucky what i study had come out~:P XD if not i will vomit blood
Unknown person: =.=lll
CA_Kazuma: 昨天熬夜去读书,得来全不费功夫
CA_Kazuma: 临时抱佛脚,读书能力百分百(joke, don't learn)

After exam 1.10pm me and my friends go eat and bowling, people who join are crank, lim, me, mayori, book worm, alvin and the chip muck, PY.....alright type too much, you all read until tired already lo hor~? let enjoy photo time~
(This cute little fellow i take it in naruto car, he say it name also call "chee hoong")
(See lim 简直就是"神")
(This is our score in random of three round)
That all for the picture, this time shoot very less picture cause too long didn't write blog and photoshooting, when i reach there only think of play XD
My opinion: In the begining i feel foundation was so boring and waste my time, until now i also think the same thing, only some subject really did help me. Then i feel so boring to past the 1 year of foundation, but i change my mind on that...i am very enjoy that 1 year 在里面包含了甜,酸,苦,辣 de memory with my friends and my gang (lim, hoong, alvin, kong, ck, lyn, tommy, crank, rynn, yao, kelly...and so on)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cosplay Competition at Berjaya Time Square

6 March 2010, there was a cosplay competition at Berjaya Time Square that held by CIB company, company who develop SDO....ok i am so tired and no mood to write anymore because it was so late now and i just finish doing my assignment so i am extremely tired....i just upload all cosplayer picture and enjoy yourselfs..^^(note: i didn't have any powerful camara so i use my phone cam which is 2.0 MP so quality is not good) and 1 comment( the cosplayer at there was too little ) unlike AFA or Comic Fiesta

the above show the game section where people can play game organize by CIB

above show the stage where cosplay competition take place

Third prize go to "Suzumiya Haruhi" who sing "God Know" and won RM 300

Second prize go to this group and won RM 500

First prize go to Riku from "Final Fantasy" and won RM 1000

That all for that day, thank for visiting....sayounara and oyasumi.^^

Friday, February 19, 2010

St.Gabriel CNY gathering

18 February 2010, Cho 5 in the morning i wake up early in the morning and get prepare because Gabriel gang had organize a gathering at Steven Lim Zi Yeong house,i don't know how to go because i didn't been there before so i need to go with Sleepy and there happen a case where i have to wait for 1.30 hour at pandan jaya because Sleepy sms me and call me reach there at 11.30 on wednesday,but on thursday only he sms me again call me reach there at 12.30, by the time he sms me i already started to go there so i lazy to go back liao lo...that what cause me wait for 1.30 hour...then how? wait lo, wait,wait,wait,wait and dreaming there...

Ok finally 12.30, then my phone ring...then i "pink" up the phone and say "yellow"....then Sleepy call me go somewhere, where Thomas is the one who fetch us go Steven house. About 10 minute, we arrive there and thomas drop us at steven house then continue fetch Yet Jun and Kar Foo. After that Sleepy, me and Steven go "Steven Corner" there fetch the other, this time Ikki didn't came late, opposite Haseko came late...aiyoyo...

Beside waiting for Haseko, we chit-chat at Steven Corner and play there then when Haseko came, we all start going to steven house. About 15 minute, everyone arrive Steven house and Ang Pau time, everyone get Ang Pau from Steven mom. People who have go are me, Ikki, Haseko, Shito, Zhen How, Vayne, Louie,Sleepy,Thomas, Kar Foo, Yet Jun, Fong, Jia Yi, Fei Lou, Luffy, Kar Wai, Mok and donno got miss out anyone or not....

OK then what we do? Hee Hee ofcourse "Ma Jiok" " 21 dim" and so on la, then i didn't take picture because to excited, just play only ....later everyone steambot at Steven house...Wah everyone like 3 day 3 night didn't eat, when the food are ready, everyone rush and chiong...0.0 WALAO siao eh....after that finish already we add food for second round...=.= in the end still the same all choing, third round all choing, fourth round choing, fifth round choing, later no one choing....steven mom was so kind, treat us very kindly ^^

Shito got take lot of picture maybe who ever want can get from him, he shoot everywhere and open flash shot until eye almost blink....after we finish eat, then continue "DOU" roar~~~~

ok about 4.30pm we all left and go home...but for me , i go my cousin house continue celebrate and play until 11.00pm only go back...then i found out my cousin bought a wonderful item from japan that is isotonic drink but in the form of "FINAL FANTASY", it is the potion from "FINAL FANTASY" then i take a picture of it..let have a look :)

Final Fantasy "potion"
That all for the day, Whoa that was fun.. it was a wasted for those who cannot come e.g agito, pat, and so on...maybe next time ba..ok that all for my blog ...Sayounara

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gathering + Our friend farewell party

23 NOVEMBER 2009, today 7.30am i wake up in the morning and i play facebook then do other staff, later about 9.00am i go wear my cloth and go out, because today have exam so i go out early and reach there about 9.30am then i do some revision at there(jia jia de), no longer 11.00am already the exam start. Whoa as i state before in facebook, that place was so comfortable...oh hope to sleep there, but my time ngam ngam finish so no time sleep.....

Unknown user: oi faster say to the point leh write so long also haven finish
CA_Kazuma: aiyo i like ma...XD... k la...skip

Later about 1 pm our exam finish, we had organise a farewell + gathering party for our lovely friend from Korea that is Lee Dasol(Mila), she was a very cute girl that you can see later in the picture. Then all gather up....O.O...OMG so many people...about 15+(i didn't count), and it about 5 car going( i didn't count)...then me and leow ride CK car to go and i make fun on him.I say:

CA_Kazuma: let him drive both of us sit at the back and let him be our driver...XD
CK: you want to sit at the back then you have to pay me!!

yorrrrr~ then i faster sit infront( free of charge ) XD....k...later we had arrive to the place, that is PappaRich restaurant... and we eat and play there... kk time to have some picture,(note: my phone camera was not powerful enough so the picture was little blur, so don't blame me ok? and due to my phone low bat cause i lazy to charge my phone so i only be able to get some picture only)

These are the picture on that day:

this is the menu

this is the mirror, nice oh?nothing to do so simply shoot, no time!! if not i shoot the toilet too..XD(joke)

k... this was what i order that time

and this was what i drink that time,(cendol) paiseh ah as you know i like to eat that de, JW_Agito hor~? So when this serve to me, i started to eat already until it become like this...:P...>.<

these are my friend in college....oi that black shirt de, what are you looking at? shooting you leh... Freeze Hand Up...haha..XD...actually there are more people in this party, just that too many people later the screne blow up..XD... so cincai shoot loh

do you see the cute cute de girl at there? no... not that right hand side de, is the one with white shirt and sitting at the center. yes... that the cute cute girl that i say from korea, the mainpoint of this party is to farewell with her, don't be sad.. we can meet on facebook..XD

after we finish eating, the closing we play Choor Dai and my gang(secondary friend) alway play cube as closing... everytime we go anywhere also got cube...but this gang alway Choor Dai Di... XD....k la that all, miss you forever and friend forever Lee Dasol(Mila)
These is all about today event, hope all my friend enjoy it and thank for the visit...^^

Friday, October 30, 2009

Berjaya Time Square college "Halloween Event"

30 oct 2009,there are alot of place that had organize halloween party,as i know is at 1 utama,SEGI college and my leader Toh Kang(ikki) college (Time Square)had organize a halloween party, then my leader posed on his facebook call everyone come.....aiyo leader call dao of course have to "give face de" so i go loh+i need to relax from college stress....then on that day the event start at 7.00pm- 11.00pm and i finish my college at 12.30 pm so there are several hour to go until the event start...

Then how?i call TK see he free or not loh... then he say he have to help them prepare so not free......then no choice i go home sleep and facebook for a while........ok until 5.00pm(yeah the time has come) i go feed my dog if not..pity it...ok then go out.....took bus....then arrive already.At that time it was 6.00pm then i go to Time Square 6 floor to "Da Gei" this will help me to kill my time...hahaha....OK finaly 7.00pm then my phone start ringing...who is that?of course Tk me go up (up where?up heaven XD...joke) ok he call me go to 11 floor that where his college located....OK waiting for lift for 5 minute, so slow, ok arrive 11 floor....WALAO A....A LOT OF GHOST.....ok go register then i am the only one that come...all my other friend study in TARC say:busy, no time, not free , exam ,lazy ,and so on...(ah "du lan already don't want write liao so click the cross on top of the right hand side)haha joke la...actually i go alone or with friend also nvm de....go alone only sienz a bit loh...

OK then go for visit and take photo (note:my photo is little blur because is handphone camera,i didn't have digital cam or powerful cam so forgive me...i got to take photo if not the blog will be boring,right?)then later more and more people come ok then the party start.These are their entertainment:
  1. Haunted house: (i didn't manage to play it,not because i am scare, i didn't know there was haunted house ...when TK told me...that haunted house already close...haiz so cham)
  2. Screaming contest: in this contest only girl that participant cause their voice are extreamly crazy...there are 10 or 11 participant(i forgot is 10 or 11)
    then their name i also forgot...i only remember 1 girl name that is Sabrina(don't know got spell wrong or not)why i so remember her?Is not that i like her la,because other non-participant will become judge by using clap and screaming as when come to Sabrina all scream,shout and clap like ear are beside them only,my ear drum almost crack/damage....huuuu~siao

  3. Dancing show: Mummy dance

  4. Costume competition: there is a cute little cat girl and other crazy ghost
After that, all take picture with the ghost and so on ...then later all started to dance...after that the event end and i also go back and sleep.OK now let see the picture:

these are their decoration

among those table, this is the most nicer

this is the bar table

this is the wall decoration

this is the place where they make up and the one on the left side is Sabrina that i was talking about

their screen decoration

this in the decoration inside of the college

see their make up

this is a cup cute and nice

i like this picture

Toh Kang become left 4 dead zombie already that why i use this "shot gun" shot him BANG...BANG...BANG...haha..XD...give him a head shot...:P

that all for the picture, although i go alone but i am very enjoying it because this is the first time i play halloween party....before i end...i would like to comment on 1 thing..that is the cup cake is too dry,next time make it more moist...ok i will end here...sayounara